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Danville Old Girls have a good deal to be proud of. From modest beginnings, the school campus in Middlebrook Avenue has grown in proportion to the school's stature in the community. Danville has adapted gracefully to the challenges of an ever-changing society and continues to produce young ladies who are proud of the values that are integral to Danville’s culture. Proof of Danville's success lies in the achievements of generations of girls at every level in all areas, be it academics, sport, culture or service; Danville Old Girls can be found throughout South Africa and in all corners of the globe making a valuable contribution in their chosen endeavours - their achievements are, in part, Danville's success. Modern technology has proved invaluable in reuniting Old Girls across continents and between cities and the reunions held annually in August, are heart-warming events that see friends re-connecting and revisiting, with great enthusiasm, the corridors, classrooms, Halls and sports fields of their youth. But perhaps the greatest proof of the value of the Danville sisterhood lies in the ever-increasing number of Old Girls who send their own daughters to Danville where they, too, will learn to lead lives worth living.

Anita Baker

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When we left the school campus for the last time we took a part of Danville with us, and left a part of us behind. Just as family members remain 'family' no matter how far apart they might live, so Danville girls remain a part of the Danville family for life. Unfortunately we do not have contact details for all our Old Girls. Please help us to build a comprehensive database and keep in touch by recording your details on the website!