Inter-house House Plays 2016

Sprinkle a little pixie dust, wave your magic wand, sing Hakuna Matata and dance to the rhythms of the jungle. Before you know it, the magic of Disney captivates you… House plays 2016 was a magical Disney experience. From the depths of the Atlantic Sea to the vast acres of dessert, Ariel and Alladin were brought alive on stage by Director Rori and Producer Mila in Hollanders spirit. The Jungle Book, adapted and aesthetically interpreted by Director Blaise and Producer Calle, led to the transformation of our talented Danville Diamonds into animals of the Amazon jungle. The jungle fever pulsed through their Palmer veins. The Real Housewives of Disney, Directed by Jenna and Produced by Cailin captivated the audience with witty commentary, sarcasm and an underlying evil presence. The “Housewives” ventured on a journey of self-discovery, complete with catchy songs and dances in Campbell’s novel tale. Campbell was ‘crowned’ the winner of Best play. The King of Pride Rock graced us with “his” presence, while the evil Scar fought for the throne, undergoing three ancient duels, the winner was crowned King and ruled over the pride lands ROARRRR …while the loser was banished to the shadow lands in Smiths savannah. Directed by Emma and Produced by Sinethemba.