Danville Park honours sports stars


Danville Park Girls’ High School recently held its 3rd Sports Dinner, honouring no fewer than *9* South African and *51* KwaZulu-Natal representatives for the year. These outstanding achievements were accomplished across netball, action netball, hockey, soccer, swimming, water-polo, canoeing, karate, gymnastics, surfing, long-boarding, underwater hockey, biathlon, duathlon, surf life-saving, volleyball, horse-riding and endurance horse-riding.

Danville’s *9* South African representatives are: Tegan (SA Youth Academy Team -Triathlon), Sabina (SA marathon canoeing), Kevasha (Karate), Caitlyn (Action Netball), Skye (Action Netball), Catherine (Action Netball), Clarissa (Action Netball), Nikisha (SA Gymnastics) and Kirthi (SA Gymnastics)

The guest of honour was retiring Principal, Mrs Cally Maddams who has done so much for sport at Danville over the last twenty five years. One of the highlights was the announcement of Team of the Year which went to the First Netball team who have had a phenomenal year. In Action Netball , the first team  won the gold medal and were undefeated. In term two, they only lost one game during the season ,won all the provincial rounds of the National Schools Challenge and traveled up to Boksburg to represent  KZN.