Sporting- fun at Danville

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Pupils from Danville Park Girls’ High School recently took part in the their athletics day. The girls showed their support for the various houses – Hollander, Smith, Campbell and Palmer and took the opportunity to wear colourful outfits. They also encouraged the athletes to outrun the competition, but it was Tegan Gore and Siobhan Brown who eventually took the honours as Junior and Senior Victrix Ludorum ,respectively. The final scores were tight, but in the end Palmer was triumphant and won this year’s Inter-House Athletics.

Slipper Day 2016

Reach for a Dream is an organisation that strives to make the dreams of children with terminal illnesses come true. As in the past few years Danville girls have risen to the challenge and have supported this wonderful initiative by donating R10 and wearing their slippers at school on the national” Reach for your slippers day”. Thanks to all who contributed and made a difference by wearing their slippers and having a little bit of fun. You have big hearts Danville!