Testimony Callen Ballack

Callen Ballack was Head Girl at Danville in 2014 and recently shared these inspirational words with us. She is in her second year at Stellenbosch University.

Last year I was elected the Vice Head student of my res for 2016. After a few weeks, the Head Student dropped out and I took over his position, making me the youngest student to lead the res as well as the first female to do so. This position then opened up an opportunity for me to play a leadership role in my PSO, allowing me to become the Onder-Prim (VicePresident), as well as the youngest member and only female in the executive committee of this team. I’ve loved every second of it and have grown, engaged with people I never expected to and have learnt more than I could ever imagine.

Without Danville moulding me into the young lady that I am today, I would never have had the confidence, boldness, initiative and strength to fulfil these roles. Danville doesn’t just provide an education, it provides skills. Skills that equip you for the challenges of the real world. I am able to eloquently absorb criticism, challenges and downfalls, while morphing them into a lesson of self-improvement. Danville allows not only a platform for one to discover her passion, but opportunities to practise it. Although I am currently studying towards one day making a living, Danville has taught me how to make a life and to live it to the fullest.

Tate Shines at Trail Running Events:

Congratulation to Tate, a Grade 9 pupil at Danville, who competed in two recent Trail Runs. At the Giba Gorge 5km Night Trail Run she was the 1st lady home and came fifth overall with a time of 20:22. At the Hilton College 7km Trail Run, she was the 1st lady home and came 7th overall with a time of 37:50. This is a fantastic result.

Elaine Van Rensburg Picnic 2016

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In February 2016 the classrooms and grounds rung with laughter and chatting as we enjoyed our annual Elaine Van Rensburg Picnic. Both fun and food were in abundance with some classes having more food than they could consume! While the classes bonded over their picnics they also raised funds for the Elaine van Rensburg Fund. Elaine was a past pupil who the Danville family united together to help in her hour of need. This fund is designed to help Danville families in need. Thank you to everyone who made a donation to this special fund. We are grateful for your support.

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Sunnies and Sandals 2016

The learners at Danville Park Girls’ High school have jumped at the chance to get some relief from the heat while at the same time supporting a worthy charity. The girls were able to wear their sunglasses and sandals at school in return for a donation. The school’s Interact Committee organised this charity drive as one of its many initiatives for the year and were delighted as it was a ‘glaring’ success!

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KZN Nippers Championships

Ally competed in the KZN Champs this weekend. She competed in the Girls u14 age category and her results where amazing. She came 1st Surf Swim, 1st Run/Swim/Run, 1st Board Race, 1st Flags, 1st Taplin Relay, 2nd Beach Sprint, 2nd Iron Nipper and 2nd Long Beach Run. With these incredible results Ally won the Girls u14 Competitor of the Competition. She scored 53 out of a maximum of 56 points in her individual events. Ally was the highest point’s scorer for any Nipper over the weekend.

KZN Regional Laser Regatta

Hannah competed in the KZN regional Laser regatta this weekend at Midmar Dam. She normally sails a 4.7 sail (smaller) but due to the very light wind conditions, she used the bigger “Radial” sail this weekend – the first time she’s done so in competition. The winds were very light on Saturday and only 2 races were sailed – after which she placed in second position in her class. Sunday saw the wind delayed until 11 am, and in order to ‘make championship’ they had to sail 5 races back to back, but luckily the wind did pick up and even became gustingly strong. She finished well in third position overall.

Old Girls letter – Feb 2016

It is always great to hear from past pupils and we thought we would like to share a recent, heartwarming message from Radhia Kazi – Class of 2012 “Dear Mrs Madams and staff, I spent my years at Danville never fully understanding why Danville prided themselves on their appearance. I was never fully aware how it reflected our union and our pride in our school when we collectively stood to sing hymns in assembly and how we so gracefully welcomed every stranger into our “home”. It has been 4 years since I have matriculated and it’s only now that I realize how Danville has groomed me in many ways into becoming the lady I am today. To Mrs Maddams and your outstanding Team at Danville Park, I owe my degree in Clinical and Industrial Psychology as well as my acceptance into Honours 2016 to you. Thank you for making me an organised, well- mannered, well- educated lioness. It is with utmost pride that I recommend Danville to each young lady that I meet.“