Environmental Presentations

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The post exam programme included a day of enlightening environmental talks. Julia Colvin from Eco-Schools gave the grade 11’s the run down on fracking. There are proposals to frack right on our doorstep – in the KZN Midlands. The environmental and health consequences are frightening. Fracking is likely to seriously affect our water quality as toxic chemicals are used in the fracking process. The conclusion reached by all was that the short term gain from fracking is not worth the long term negative consequences. The grade 11’s put a lot of thought into making anti-fracking posters after the presentation.

Heidi Cox gave the whole school a detailed and informative talk on RECYCLING. This included why it is important to recycle, what can be recycled (it turns out that most of our waste can be recycled) and how we can recycle various items of waste. The importance of REDUCING waste and REUSING items was also highlighted. (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!)

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Wylie House in Durban

Wylie House in Durban,  is a haven for children up to 18 years of age. During the course of the 4th term the Danville Park Girls’ High Interact Club motivated the entire school to  collect  toiletries, stationary and snacks which filled a personal bag for each child at Wylie House. The Interact Club was delighted with the generous donations and were pleased to donate extra supplies in addition to the bags to the home.

Congratulations to Lara and Aimme

Congratulations to Lara who recently swam the 1km Capital K Race in the category Women 14-30, she came 13th out of 80.

Lara and Aimme competed in the Westville Sprints.

Lara won the following medals:

100m Breaststroke – Gold

50m Freestyle – Bronze

50m Breaststroke – Silver

Aimee won the following medals:

50m Backstroke – Bronze

50m Freestyle – Bronze

50m Breaststroke – Bronze

Congratulations to both these amazing swimmers.

South African Gymnastics Games

Hrithik, a Grade 8 pupil at Danville Park Girls’ High School, recently competed in the  South African Gymnastics Games, in  Rhythmic Gymnastics at Wits University.

The SA Gym Games is the Federation’s largest national event, which sees National titles being awarded across 6 competitive gymnastics disciplines. Just under 2800 gymnasts and officials were in Gauteng for this event

The SA Gym Games showcases an array of gymnastics with gymnasts of all ages from all nine provinces of South Africa, competing across all levels. It also doubles up as Region 5 qualifiers and Africa Championship qualifiers for certain disciplines.

Hrithik competed in the Individual level 7 U15 and the Elite Group Dance segments.  She was placed 7th overall in the Individual section and in the Elite Group,  her group won a gold medal and qualified to represent South Africa in the Zone 6 International Competition.

Hrithik has been doing rhythmic gymnastics since 6 years old and trains 6 days a week with average of 2-3hrs. She is currently with the Oceans Rhythmic Gymnastics Club with coach Robyn Baker.

Christmas Came to Danville Park Girls’ High

Recently, the Danville Park Girls’ High School Sports Department hosted Izimbewu (Seedling) Creche for a fun and heart-warming morning. 26 girls and boys between the ages of 3-5 years had the opportunity of spending the morning with Danville girls where they loomed, danced and enjoyed lunch. The highlight was Father Christmas handing out a very thoughtful gift to each child , which included essentials like toiletries, stationery and a toy, which brought them such joy and delight.

Izimbewu Creche and aftercare was started about 8 years ago in the Zamani Informal settlement on Ottawa Road where they set up a wooden hut to house the children during the morning while their parents worked. This gave them access to some basic learning before they started formal schooling.  In the afternoons the hut was used to assist the school going children with homework and project work. Earlier this year a lot of the families were moved to Cornubia, the new RDP Development just past Mt Edgecombe, and now Iziumbewu Creche has relocated to Cornubia to continue working with these families.

They have about 44 children in their care and provide a meal each week day for the children.

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Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

Some of the Grade 9 Natural Science learners of the Danville Park Girls’ High School participated in the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists held at the Durban University of Technology. The learners produced a range of projects related to Physical Science. The main focus of the Expo is energy related and they worked very hard on their projects and showed determination and enthusiasm. This was evident in the results they achieved. Chloe Ogle received a certificate for her highly commended project which looked at alternative forms of electricity. Devanya Rajah received a bronze medal for her project which compared using solar versus coal for power. Serena Veerasamy also received a bronze medal for her research on using Biofuels as an alternative energy source.

Special congratulations to Kiyana Bhiman who was awarded a silver medal for her project. Kiyana designed a powerbank as her project. Kiyana was very popular at the Expo as all the learners were using her powerbank to charge their cellphones and devices.

Danville’s New Synthetic Hockey Turf Opens

Recently Danville Park Girls’ High School hosted the official opening of their New Synthetic Hockey Turf. The building of this turf is in response to a need among the Durban North Schools for additional time on turf. In addition, the popularity of hockey has grown, with many more primary school children wanting to participate and it is this that has created a need for this world class facility. Neighbouring preparatory schools, Glenashley and Virginia, have joined Danville in this exciting venture making hockey accessible to pupils in all age groups.

The opening was attended by parents as well as past and present pupils and the synthetic hockey turf was officially opened by Pietie Coetzee who has the distinction of being the top international goal scorer.

The first game on the new turf took place between the current Danville 1st Team and the “Danville Old Girls” and proved to be a close match with the current 1st team beating the past pupils 1-0.

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