‘Starry, starry’ night for Danville Matrics

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‘It is Written in the Stars’ was the magical theme for the Matric dance for the Class of 2015 from Danville Park Girls’ High School.  The dance venue at Sibaya was transformed into a wonderland of light and sparkle by the highly creative Matric Dance Committee. The Matric guests dazzled in their glamorous gowns, each one  a star in her own right.  This very special occasion will live on in many memories for years to come.

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Danville wins ‘SA Water Explorer School of the Month’

The awareness of water conservation was taken to a whole next level at Danville Park Girls’ High School as the girls immersed themselves in a wide variety of activities over the past few weeks. Their concerted effort paid off and earned them the title of ‘South African Water Explorer School of the Month’ in an international campaign in which 120 local schools participate. The Environmental Society and Environmental Monitors, under the guidance of teacher, Mrs Fiona Mann, created a buzz in all classrooms with their innovative ideas to create water awareness. Uyanda Hlomuka, Environmental prefect (Grade 12), said she was surprised with the amount of ‘secret water’ that is used daily, namely the amount of water needed to produce articles and food: “I never knew that there were 30 litres of water hidden in a cup of tea, and 130 litres in a cup of coffee! It made me realise how much water is actually used in the manufacturing of things we take for granted. Continue reading Danville wins ‘SA Water Explorer School of the Month’

Shakespeare on a lighter note

Shakespearean language came alive when the Media Centre of Danville Park Girls’ High School celebrated Shakespeare’s 451st birthday with a difference.  Girls poured into the library to support and cheer on their friends and teachers competing for the title of Grand Shakespearean Insult Slam Master. In a single –elimination, winner-takes-all competition, the contestants flung Elizabethan insults at each other with verve and vitriol, accusing one another of being “gleeking sheep-biting puttocks”, and  “reeky pottle-deep puke-stockings”. With withering wit, Grace emerged the final winner for her skill in delivering the most impressive and expressive Shakespearean insults with resourceful words like “onion-eyed, ill-breeding hobby horses.” Continue reading Shakespeare on a lighter note

Danville reigning Action Netball Champs

Danville Park Girls’ High once again proved their metal as a top Netball school by winning the Senior Schools Action Netball (Open1A) League. They played in the final against Ashton International College and won the match with a convincing lead of 27 – 9. Many of the girls had injuries, but still showed strength of character by getting stuck in from the start and leading within the first few minutes of the game and eventually coming out on top, winning the league after a very competitive season.  Danville’s Corize was chosen player of the match. Continue reading Danville reigning Action Netball Champs

Danville joins community in helping refugees

Danville Park Girls’ High School has come out in full support to assist organisations like the Domino Foundation in providing food, clothing and other basic needs to people who have been housed in refugee camps after the recent xenophobic attacks. Domino sent an urgent request to the community to boil about 5 000 eggs, which were donated to them to help the destitute in refugee camps. Danville’s Interact and Service Clubs, as well as anyone who could spare time at break, rolled up their sleeves and got involved in boiling about 400 eggs. Danville also collected extra bread, bread, fruit and juice at their weekly charity drive, Bread Buddies, to help the refugees.

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Danville hosts MATHS CHALLENGE representatives

The Maths Department was delighted to host Ms Hobe and Ms Lebakeng,  representatives of the Epoch and the Optima Trusts recently.  Danville is privileged to have been selected by the Trust to participate in the nationwide “Maths Challenge” initiative funded by Anglo American, which focuses on the promotion of excellence and innovation in Maths teaching and learning. The visitors spent the day meeting with management and parents as well as observing Maths lessons to experience our Maths department in action. Continue reading Danville hosts MATHS CHALLENGE representatives