Danville pupils excel at university

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Three Danville past pupils have been named recipients of prestigious awards from their universities. Teagan van Wyk (Class of 2013) is one of only four national recipients to have been awarded a prestigious award from the National Research Foundation. This Brilliants Programme recognises students who obtained top marks in Grade 12 for Maths and Physical Science. Teagan is currently a first-year student in Medicine at the University of Cape Town and credits her solid academic foundation at Danville as well as a focussed work ethic for enabling her success.

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Danville’ s Endurance Horseriding Star

Danville’s Justine Burnard has ended an amazing year with the following achievements under her belt: KZN Enduro Horse Riding, SA Development team for Enduro Horseriding and captain of the KZN team. When you first meet Justine Burnard it’s hard to picture this feminine, vivacious and friendly young lady as the stereo-type of the steely-eyed competitor. But looks can be deceiving. Born into a horse loving family, Justine at an early age swopped show jumping for her passion, endurance riding. Justine is intrigued by the relationship between horse and rider and the reliance of each upon the other during their gruelling competitions that are a test of stamina and energy.

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Danville cares beyond Durban’s borders

The girls of Danville Park Girls’ High School have shown their concern for conservation beyond the borders of Durban by adopting 6 penguins from SANCCOB (SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds), a Cape Town-based organisation that saves and rehabilitates penguins and seabirds. The penguins were adopted after an enthusiastically supported fundraising campaign initiated by the school’s Environmental Society. Each class that adopted a penguin was allowed to name their penguin and follow its progress. One of the Grade 8 classes was the first to adopt their penguin and named it Mumble.

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