From the outset, Danville established itself as one of the premier academic public schools in KwaZulu-Natal. Our first Head Girl and Dux, Mary-Lou Thompson, achieved first place in the province in 1971, going on to complete a Ph.D in Mathematical Statistics before carving out a distinguished career in the field of Biostatistics. In 2003 our Dux, Olga Kerimova, finished first in KZN and our 2007 Dux, Faheema Abdoola, finished third out of all KZN’s public school candidates in the Senior Certificate Examinations. In 2012, for the first time in Danville’s history, Sarisha Chetty was placed first in South Africa (among Quintile 5 schools), first in KZN with Nicole Bolton following closely behind in sixth place in KZN. An outstanding achievement!

As proud as we are of our top achievers, we believe a school’s true academic standard must be assessed on a broader scale. With an unbroken 100% pass rate for the past twenty-two years, a Matric Endorsement rate of well over 90% for 19 years, and A-C aggregates of over 90% for 9 years, we are justifiably proud of the sustained excellence of our academic record – excellence which is recognised by the eThekwini Municipality as well as the Department of Education and borne witness to by the numerous trophies and awards presented to the school. . Danville has also been listed by the Daily News for a number of years as one of the Top 10 KZN schools whose pupils achieved six distinctions or more. In addition, FAIRLADY magazine has added to our accolades by listing us among the Top 25 Public Schools in South Africa. The Class of 2015 achieved an Endorsement rate of 100%, with 26% of our pupils achieving A aggregates and 97% receiving C and above aggregates. Seven of these learners achieved seven A’s and 4 girls achieved 100% for Visual Arts. With these exceptional results Danville was awarded the title of Top Public School in South Africa 2015.

Our Class of 2016 shone brightly with Romal, our 2016 Dux learner coming first in the Umlazi District and first in KZN. The class achieved 100% pass rate for the 23rd consecutive year and a 98.7% Bachelor’s Degree Pass. 2 learners achieved 8 A’s (including AP Maths) and 7 learners achieved 7 A’s. We also had 3 learners with 100% for Visual Arts.
These statistics reflect the dedication of our teaching staff in assisting each Danville girl to achieve her academic potential.
Year: 2016
Pass Rate: 100%
Matriculation Endorsement (University Pass): 98.7%
60% and above Aggregates: 94.87%
Distinction Aggregates: 41 (26.3%)

These statistics reflect the dedication of our teaching staff in assisting each Danville girl to achieve her academic potential.

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Pass Rate 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Matriculation Endorsement
(University Pass)
96% 96% 99.5% 99.3% 100.00% 98.7%
60% and above Aggregates 96% 91% 98% 94% 97% 94.87%
Distinction Aggregates 32 (27%) 44 (28%) 69 (36%) 46 (31%) 34 (26%) 41 (26.3%)