It is with pride and excitement that I welcome each member of the Danville family back into the ‘fold’. I especially wish to welcome our new learners and their families. May your Danville experience be as uplifting and exceptional as it has been for every other member of this very special family! We hope you will cherish your time with us and we look forward to working with you. May we have a successful and enriching year together.

Schools of today have three choices:
They can be prisoners of the past,
Puppets of the present -
Or pioneers of the future.

At Danville the past can never hold us prisoner, for when we look back we see a history of excellence that has paved the way to a bright today and an awesome tomorrow. The past has given us only challenges and opportunities that we can celebrate.

I am extremely proud to be a part of this marvellous school. It is a school that is home to a diverse group of young people, but together we aspire to reach the full potential of each individual learner. I am inspired by the knowledge that all stakeholders will carry Danville Park Girls’ High School into the next era as pioneers of the future.

I wish to thank the Interview Committee and the School Governing Body for entrusting this very special school to me and for appointing me to lead Danville into the future.

Herewith just a brief insight into my past; a past which has been speckled with many challenges that I believe paved the way for my current position as Principal of this school:

After completing my Matric at Mowat Park High School and obtaining my graduate and post-graduate qualifications at the Durban Teachers’ Training College (fondly known as ‘Dokkies’), the UOFS and the University of Potchefstroom, my first post was at Empangeni High School.

Following my husband, Dirk, from place to place as he progressed in his career, my years were blessed with the opportunity to teach at and serve on the management teams of Estcourt High School, St Gregory College, Brettonwood High School, Ridge Park College (as Deputy Principal and Acting Principal) and at Kuswag School (as Principal of both the High and Primary school phases for the past 10 years).

Some may believe that the highlights of my career are my international visits to schools in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore and my appointment as Business Woman of the Year 2008/2009, but they are mistaken. The most rewarding times have been those that I spent with the learners of the various schools where I worked, and the most uplifting experiences were when I saw the gleam of joy in their eyes at a moment of conquest or achievement; when I shared happy and sad moments with them; or even had to say goodbye as they embarked on a new chapter in their lives. I particularly treasure the times when my students would return later as adults to share their highs and lows with me.

It is my belief in the unquenchable spirit of our young people and their value as worthy citizens of our society that has always driven me on my journey towards excellence in the schools where our young people were entrusted to me.

I am privileged to be allowed to continue working with the most precious asset in the world – our children. The fact that my spouse and I could raise Lliam, our only child, and watch him grow up and marry an amazing woman, Christy-Anne, is one of my greatest achievements!

I am truly honoured to have been appointed to lead Danville as the 5th Principal in the 5th decade of the school’s existence. As a school of excellence, Danville’s motto echoes my own personal and educational philosophy of People, Purpose, Passion, Presence and Policy. While I know that I will have great shoes to fill, I commit myself to working hard and always placing the interests of the girls first. I am excited about leaving my footprints alongside those of a committed team of staff, learners and parents and continuing the legacy of Mrs Maddams and her predecessors.

Our 2017 Focus: Trust and Respect for our sisterhood…may we be them celebrates the pride our young ladies and past pupils have in their school and we are thus looking forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year.

Keep an eye on the D6 Communicator and our Facebook page to stay in touch with the information, events and activities of what promises to be a busy and exciting year.

The safety of our girls is our top priority and we ask parents to assist us in this endeavour. Please respect Cindy at the front gate as she performs her responsibilities and please take the time to be kind to her and thank her for doing her job so diligently.

We wish you all a bright and exceptional 2017!

Linda Scholtz