It is with pride and excitement that I welcome each member of the Danville family back into the ‘fold’. I especially wish to welcome our new learners and their families. May your Danville experience be as uplifting and exceptional as it has been for every other member of this very special family! We hope you will cherish your time with us and we look forward to working with you. May we have a successful and enriching year together.

Each year brings positive change and this includes a few additions to our staff. We are pleased to introduce the new members joining our team this year:

Ms D Gerber – History and Technology
Ms A Harkess – Visual Arts
Mr C Heard – Geography
Mrs N Hendra – English
Mrs C Kelly - Geography
Ms Y Moolla – Mathematics
Mr A Sadayan – Mathematics
Mrs C Whittle – Natural Sciences
Mrs B Beesley – Natural Sciences (Part time)
Ms V Graaf-Raw – Dramatic Arts (Locum)
Mrs G Zimu – Isizulu (Locum)
Mr D Pretorius – Estate Buildings Manager

I am so delighted that they are now part of our amazing learning community. We welcome and value their positive energy and dedication to excellence in education and look forward to working with them.

Our 2017 NSC learners continued our excellent record and did us proud once again.




No. who wrote



Pass Rate



University Entrance (Bachelors’)

154 (98.72%)

126 (98.44%)

Entrance for Diploma



Level 7 (A) aggregates

41 (26.3%)

35 (27.34%)

Level 6 (B) aggregates

71 (45.5%)

44 (34.38%)

Level 5 (C) aggregates

36 (23.1%)

36 (28.13%)

Level 5 (C) and above aggregates

148 (94.87%)

115 (89.84%)

No of Subject Level 7s (A’s)

370 (2.37 per pupil)

297 (2.32 per pupil)

No. of Learners with 8 Level 7s (A’s)

2 (with AP Maths incl)
Romal Naidoo
Kayleigh Tromp

2 (with AP Maths incl)
Joanna Smith
Cailin Thorp

No. of Learners with 7 Level 7s (A’s)

Sarah Alvarez
Taryn Gore
Taryn Govender
Temia Kasavan
Nadia Naidoo
Riya Santhilal
Amber van Wyk

Kayla Badenhorst
Sameera Esat
Deveshnee Govender
Prenasha Govender
Saiesha Govender
Talia Govender
Shazia Khan
Tasmika Mahabir
Sabeehah Moolla
Kerina Naidoo
Sayuri Naidoo
Temeya Naidoo

No. of Learners with 6 Level 7s (A’s)

Kei-Lin Chiu
Zahra Khoyratty
Talia Moodley
Erynn Schloms
Ruchira Chetty
Cayley Hillier
Sunaina Kataria
Lushmika Pillay
Talia Pillay

Andiswa Buthelezi
Lerisha Dabi
Sinethemba Dlamini
Layani Gounder
Jordan Leah
Navashni Raju
Danielle Rothwell
Akita Sheodin

No. of Learners with 5 Level 7s (A’s)



No. of Learners with 4 Level 7s (A’s)



My warmest appreciation and congratulations go to our educators, parents and learners who have worked tirelessly to achieve such brilliant results.  I am extremely proud to be a part of this marvellous school.  It is a school that is home to a diverse group of young people, but together we aspire to reach the full potential of each individual learner.  I am inspired by the knowledge that all stakeholders will carry Danville Park Girls’ High School into the next era as pioneers of the future and am excited by our 2018 Focus: Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.

Research shows that success is reached through:
40% strategy
30% vision
30% hard work to root or anchor it.
The Danville team has committed itself to this in the past and will continue to do so for years to come with our girls always being our first priority.

Keep an eye on the D6 Communicator, Danville and Friends of Danville Facebook pages and our soon-to-be-launched Danville App to stay in touch with the information, events and activities of what promises to be another busy and exciting year.

The safety of our girls is our top priority and we ask parents to assist us in this endeavour. Please respect our neighbours and Bonnie at the front gate as she performs her responsibilities and take the time to be kind to her and thank her for doing her job so diligently.

We wish you all a bright and exceptional 2018!

Yours sincerely