The Danville Milkwood Trust

The Milkwood Educational Trust (previously The Danville Park Girls’ High School Trust established in 1985) seeks to unite all friends of the school – past, present and current learners, educators, staff, and parents – under one common initiative known as the “Friends of Danville”.

Within the badge of our school are 4 leaves. They are those of the Milkwood Tree, which grew prolifically on the site of the school. The giant Milkwood Tree which flourishes right in the centre of the Quad, was planted by Miss Hogg, Principal of Danville 1979 – 1983.

The Milkwood Tree symbolises the life of our school:

• The roots are out traditions and history and the people who went before us, who anchor the tree and provide it with the means to grow.

• The trunk is the parents, management and support departments who hold the branches up to the light.

• The branches and leaves are the teachers who enable the nutrition (knowledge) to reach the learners who in turn, are the fruit, who thrive, grow and ripen to carry the values and traditions of our school into the wider world.

A strong sense of community exists at Danville and the Trust seeks to encourage networking across the community (social, relational, business, professional, and the offering of work experience) amongst the Friends of Danville.

The Trust has continued to support DPGHS since 1985 and it provides funds to the school “for the education, betterment, advancement in life and general well-being of the learners and staff of the school”.

For Danville to remain a school of excellence it must continue to be a leader amongst its counterparts. To prepare future women leaders means the school must remain modern and contemporary. This requires investment.

We extend an invitation to our community to join the Friends of Danville initiative and to make a nominal contribution of R30 per month (or lump sum of R360 per year). The funds raised are earmarked for, but not limited to:

• the maintenance of our artificial multi-use turf;

• a new world-class Resource Centre;

• an enlarged Uniform Shop;

• additional classrooms for teaching and specific needs;

• bursaries for deserving young ladies; and

• an improved kitchen for catering.

Our school celebrated 50 years of existence in 2017 and we invite you to journey with us into the next 50 years.

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us on 031-5600350 or or visit our Friends of Danville Alumnet page at