• …a happy school

  • …a healthy mind in a healthy body

  • …nurturing creativity

  • …the joy of sharing

  • …you inspire me

  • …park-like gardens

  • …academic excellence

Danville Park Girls' High School, situated in Durban North overlooking the Indian Ocean, first opened its doors in 1967 to just 74 girls and a staff of 10. The number grew over the years, but the friendliness and warmth that characterized the school in its early years endured and the girls - both past and present - talk of being part of the 'Danville family'.

The school's excellent facilities, well-established infrastructure, and dedicated and caring staff combine to create an environment that enables Danville girls to achieve consistently in all areas of the academic, cultural and sporting curricula.

Danville Park Girls' High School boasts an excellent academic record with an unbroken 100% pass rate for the past twenty- five years, an exciting range of sporting opportunities, a rich variety of cultural and heritage activities, a vibrant community service programme as well as life-and leadership-training.

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Looking Forward

Danville has adapted successfully to the challenges of an ever-changing society and continues to meet the needs of the growing Durban North community by providing a multi-faceted, values-based education that equips its girls to lead lives worth living. But perhaps the most persuasive advertisement for Danville lies in the number of Old Girls who send their own daughters to benefit from an education at Danville.